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Small business owners across the country are discovering the incredible value of PEOs and enjoying the peace of mind that comes from putting HR, government compliance, payroll, and benefits administration in the hands of true professionals. Here are some real-world examples of the advantages of using a PEO for your small business HR needs. More

UPDATED! It would be easy for small business owners who don't use a PEO to become overwhelmed by the thousands of pages of law and regulations related to the Affordable Care Act. You should know that you can rely on a PEO to help guide you through and comply with the law. As we like to say, "Keep Calm and Call a PEO." More

Businesses that use PEOs for HR, benefits, and compliance have a significantly higher rate of business survival and a lower rate of employee turnover than businesses that don't use PEOs. They also have an employment growth rate that is almost 10 percent higher than other small businesses. Read the study.