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The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL)

NCOIL is the voice of state legislators in Washington in the face of mounting federal initiatives to preempt state insurance regulation. The purpose of NCOIL is to help legislators make informed decisions on insurance issues that affect their constituents and to declare opposition to federal encroachment of state authority to oversee the business of insurance, as authorized under the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945. Toward that end, NCOIL works to educate state legislators on current and perennial insurance issues; help state legislators from different states interface effectively with each other; improve the quality of insurance regulation; assert the prerogative of legislators in making state policy when it comes to insurance; and speak out on Congressional initiatives that attempt to encroach upon state primacy in overseeing insurance. Many legislators active in NCOIL chair or are members of the committees responsible for insurance in their respective state houses across the country. All states are either general or contributing NCOIL members.

NAPEO works with NCOIL to educate public policymakers on the unique position of PEOs as consumers of insurance products. NCOIL legislators are most familiar with crafting public policy for insurance companies and producers. NAPEO continues to work with NCOIL to ensure future model laws adopted by NCOIL are favorable to PEOs.


State-by-State Expansion of Legal & Operational Certainty

PEO or Employee Leasing-specific registration or licensing requirement was enacted.

State law recognition generally as an employer without a registration or licensing requirement.

Pending licensing or registration legislation.






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