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Event Overview

First Friday Series: How Proactive Communication can affect a Workers Compensation claim, Presented by Key Risk (a Berkley Company)- 7/8/2022

Jul 08, 2022
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST/EDT

More often that not, the number one thing that can cause issues in a claim is lack of communication. Whether it is better communication between the carrier and employer up front in an investigation, more explanation to the injured worker about what to expect during the work comp process, or the employer communicating with the employee throughout the process, proactive communication is key for success. During this webinar we will go into detail surrounding the importance of communication throughout the life of the claim, what each party can do to be better involved and collaborate, all with the goal of quicker return to work and a solid outcome. We will outline simple best practices that PEO’s and their client companies can utilize to streamline their work comp process and keep everyone engaged throughout the process. We will also discuss how these best practices can affect the overall underwriting process and attractiveness of a PEO.