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Event Overview

Webinar: Buyer Beware: Overview of Legality/Risks Associated with Certain “Wellness” Tax Shelters

Dec 02, 2021
02:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

On December 2 at 2pm EST, join Seth Perretta and Malcolm Slee of the Groom Law Group and Lynne Camillo and Kevin Knopf of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for our webinar on the legality and risks associated with "wellness" tax shelters. 

This webinar will provide an overview of a type of tax shelter that is being marketed by third parties to employers as well as PEOs that purport to shelter wages from certain income and/or payroll taxes based on the employee performing various “wellness” activities.  These products have been the subject of IRS rulemaking and enforcement.  Our speakers, Seth Perretta and Malcolm Slee of Groom Law Group (and outside counsel to NAPEO) will provide an overview of these products, including how they purport to operate, as well as an overview of the IRS guidance and recent public enforcement actions against the sellers/marketers of these products.  Seth and Malcolm will be joined by Kevin Knopf and Lynne Camillo of the Internal Revenue Service who will share with us how the IRS views these products and the potential risks associated with the marketing and sale, and use by employers and PEOs, of these products. 

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