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Educational Sessions

Educational Sessions

Breakout Session Topics

Monday, September 14th 12:40pm – 1:30pm ET

  • Re-Imagining the Workplace - Managing a Work From Anywhere Workforce
    • Speakers: Michele Kauinui, Director of HR Services, simplicityHR by ALTRES; Ted N. Kazaglis, Esq., Office Managing Principal, Jackson Lewis P.C.; Lisse Kravetz, Esq., VP and Associate General Counsel, TriNet Group, Inc.; and Patricia A. Pryor, Esq., Principal and Office Litigation Manager, Jackson Lewis P.C.
    • This session will address several key aspects of a re-imagination of the workplace. We’ll cover how to manage going back to a physical office, including practical applications of what is ideal and what is required for workers to return to a physical space. We’ll also cover accommodation issues for businesses returning, including for those with a school or child care impact and those who are in an at-risk population or are caregivers. Finally, this session will explore remote work challenges, like security, timekeeping, monitoring productivity, and more.
  • Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace: What You Need to Know to Help Your Clients
    • Speakers: Michael Baptiste, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Justworks, Inc.; Teresa S. Carroll, CEO, Paychex Business Solutions, LLC; and Tara Conger, President, QTI Human Resources, Inc.
    • Following Johnny C. Taylor, Jr.’s keynote session on diversity & inclusion issues, our panel will provide practical guidance on how to best help your clients with respect to opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. The panel will explain what diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are and how a company should think about the pillars of their DEI program. The panelist will share the biggest lessons they’ve learned leading and implementing DEI initiatives. The panel will also cover common challenges and pitfalls companies face when starting a DEI program or initiative.
  • Effects of COVID-19 on Health Insurance
    • Speakers: Barbara Drames, VP of Benefits, Oasis, A Paychex Company; Janet Faircloth, SVP, Health Innovation, Aon; Eric Foster, Chief Consulting Officer, Managing Principal, Compass Consulting Group, LLC; Kerim Fidel, SVP & General Counsel, Oasis, A Paychex Company; and Saba Ternikar, Vice President, New Product Development, Commercial Business, Aetna
    • This session will cover how health insurance will be impacted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with a special focus on the impact people are facing. The panel will cover rebates, technology aspects/challenges – including telemedicine. The panel will also address the impact on individuals’ health and well-being, including impact of delayed care/gaps in care as well as emotional/mental health. The panel will discuss considerations concerning COVID-19 testing, immunizations, and treatments. Finally, the panel will touch on the impact on the overall healthcare ecosystem and overall trends from a carrier’s perspective.
  • Analysis of New NAPEO White Paper: How PEO Clients Fared in the First Months of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Comparative Analysis 
    • Speakers: Dr. Laurie Bassi, CEO, McBassi and Company; and Dan McMurrer, Chief Analyst, McBassi and Company
    • This session will delve into NAPEO’s 2020 white paper, How PEOs Helped Their Clients During the Pandemic. Attendees will gain a deep understanding of how their organization and the industry helped SMBs get through the pandemic largely intact. 
  • Paycheck Protection Program: Loan Process, Audit, and Enforcement Issues
    • Speakers: Seth Perretta, Partner, Groom Law Group; and Malcolm Slee, Partner, Grooom Law Group
    • Join Groom Law Group’s Seth Perretta and Malcolm Slee for all you need to know about the Paycheck Protection Program. In this session, Seth and Malcolm will focus on applying for and processing a PPP loan, an update on what to expect during an audit, and key considerations for SBA enforcement of relevant laws and regulations.

Tuesday, September 15th 3:15pm – 4:15pm ET

  • Employment Litigation Trends in PEOs During the Pandemic
    • Speakers: Jennifer Robinson, SVP/Partner, Risk Transfer Insurance Agency, LLC; John M. Polson, Esq., Partner, Fisher Phillips; and Mike Martocci, Director of Management Liability, Markel Corporation
    • Join our panel to learn about current PEO employment litigation trends during the pandemic. Our panel will detail what they’re seeing, how you and your PEO can protect yourself, and give insight into what the insurance market will be like in 2021. The panel will also discuss a few real-world examples. 
  • Best Practices for Effective Technology Presentations
    • Speakers: Craig Babigian, Executive Vice President, PrismHR; and Jamie Morrison, Senior Sales Engineer, PrismHR
    • Your technology is a critical part of your services and how you present it can often make or break a sale with prospective customers. During this session, we will discuss tips and best practices for effective technology presentations.
      • Value presentation vs. feature demonstration
      • How to optimize the prospect experience
      • Incorporating your services throughout the presentation 
  • The Impact of the CARES Act on 401(k) Plans
    • Speakers: Sheldon J. Blumling, Esq., Partner, Fisher Phillips; Ken Jewell, Partner, BKS Retirement Services; and Tim Werner, President, BlueStar Retirement Services, Inc.
    • This panel will discuss the impact the CARES Act, passed in March 2020, has had on 401(k) plans and how the provisions of the law will continue to impact plans in the immediate future. 
  • PEO Benefits Administration in the Pandemic World
    • Speakers: Doug Devlin, Chief Executive Officer, Tabulera, Inc.; Tom Jacobs, Esq., Principal, The PEO Auxiliary; Jenna Marceau, Chief Information Officer, Syndeo Outsourcing LLC; and Taryn Walker, Benefits Manager, eEmployers Solutions Inc.
    • This session will cover how to manage the open enrollment process during a pandemic, generally, and handling client meetings and education around this topic, specifically. This session will also address how PEOs are tackling the automation of benefits enrollment, both on the front end (employee-facing) and back end (carrier-facing). 
  • New Federal Tax Credits and the Payroll Tax Deferral

    • Speaker: Randy Hardock, Partner, Davis & Harman

    • Join Randy Hardock of Davis & Harman to go over the latest guidance involving FFCRA tax credits and payroll tax deferral. 

Tuesday, September 15th 4:20pm – 5:20pm ET

  • Providing Hands-On Service in a Hands-Off World
    • Speakers: Connor Cross, Director of Human Resources, Syndeo Outsourcing LLC; Christina K. Nelson, President, Pacific HR, Inc.; Leslie Perry, Area Manager, BBSI; and Vic Tanon, President, Emplicity
    • The panel will discuss best practices on how you, your client service team, and everyone at your PEO can continue providing high-touch, hands-on service in the midst of a global pandemic. We’ll discuss how to provide the same level of service in a virtual atmosphere, how to juggle differing client views and preferences with respect to health and safety, and how to straddle the need to be both proactive and reactive. This session will also split up into smaller breakout Zoom rooms, so you’ll be able to meet and connect with PEO professionals from across the country managing these challenges as well!
  • Results of the Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey
    • Speakers: Scott Hackworth, Senior Vice President, Industry Insights, Inc.; Johnathan Taylor, Chief Financial Officer, LandrumHR; and Tanya Yakhnis, Chief Financial Officer, Tandem HR
    • NAPEO’s 2019 Financial Ratio & Operating Statistics Survey is an invaluable benchmarking tool for PEOs. Attendees will gain up-to-date, data-driven insight into the PEO industry and learn the latest operating statistics on benefits, pension plans, sales, client service, HR, payroll, and technology.
  • FLSA and Teleworking During the Pandemic
    • Speakers: Charmaine Hollaway, Managing Director, HR & Benefits, MidwestHR, LLC; Brian M. Nugent, Esq., Partner, Akerman, LLC; and Melissa Cizmorris, Esq., Associate, Akerman, LLP
    • Teleworking became a huge experiment during the pandemic. For those companies that could shift to some or all of their staff teleworking, they discovered that a remote workforce ended up being easy to manage, productivity remained the same (or increased), and staff morale increased. As companies remaining teleworking temporarily or permanently, they’ll need to address several key considerations related to the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA). This panel will delve into these, including: timekeeping and abuse of time, FFCRA paid sick leave, setting staff expectations, converting exempt employees to non-exempt employees, and reimbursement for employees’ telework-related expenses.
  • HR Outsourcing: Market Overview, Trends, New Entrants, and More
    • Speakers: Barron L. Guss, President & Chief Executive Officer, simplicityHR by ALTRES; Dale Hageman, CEO, Spirit HR; Celeste Johnson, CEO, The Applied Companies; and John M. Polson, Esq., Partner, Fisher Phillips
    • This session provide an overview of the HR outsourcing market and its trends. The panel will compare the different models (self-service vs. full-service) and discuss new entrants/disruptors in the market and other challenges on the horizon. 

  • NAPEO Government Affairs Update
    • Speakers: Thom Stohler, VP, Federal Government Affairs, NAPEO; Michael Kreiter, Senior Director, State Government Affairs, NAPEO; and Charise Johnson, Director, State Government Affairs, NAPEO
    • What’s NAPEO doing for you lately? Hear from NAPEO’s Government Affairs team to find out what we’re doing in the states and in Washington to help you and your clients survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will also provide insights into what to expect in the coming months and how the election could impact your PEO. 

Wednesday, September 16th 12:10pm – 1:10pm

  • Optimizing LinkedIn to Grow Your Business
    • Speaker: Tom Eschbacher, LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn executive Tom Eschbacher joins us to discuss how to optimize LinkedIn to build your company brand, reach prospects, and generate sales.


  • Marketing in the COVID-19 Era: Moving from Fast Response Triage to Recalibrating Your Marketing Strategy
    • Speaker: Ryan McInerney, President, Bluematter
    • As we move from “respond and react” mode to the “next normal,” now is the time to recalibrate your marketing operations, from strategy creation to outsourcing, and more. PEO marketing expert Ryan McInerney will outline the right moves to make right now to ensure that your marketing efforts are more agile than ever, despite lean budgets, scattered teams, and other disruptions.
  • Best Marketing Ideas: COVID-19 Edition
    • From new apps to podcasts to good-old fashioned partnerships and more, join your PEO marketing peers as they share how they are utilizing and implementing new marketing tools and programs. You’ll walk away with the practical knowledge you need to starting integrating these new ideas into your own marketing programs.
  • Prospecting: Generating PEO Sales in Era of Uncertainty
    • Speakers: John Ferguson, Director of Business Development, simplicityHR by ALTRES; and Clay Kelley, Chief Results Officer,
    • Renowned PEO sales expert Clay Kelley and John Ferguson of simplicity by ALTRES are teaming up to provide insight and tips on the best ways to find prospects and makes sales in uncertain times.

Please Note: Some topics may be subject to change. More in-depth descriptions of each session will be posted as they become available. 

Lunch & Learn and Cocktails & Conversation Sessions

Monday, September 14th,  1:45-2:30pm – Lunch & Learn Sessions

  • Brink's Money Payroll Card: The ROI of Financial Wellness Programs for PEOs
  • Fisher Phillips: Biden or Trump?  How the Outcome of the Election Affects Legal Issues Most Important to PEOs
  • Milliman: Pandemics, Premiums, and PEOs: Top Trends for You and Your Master Health Plan
  • Poster Guard® Compliance Protection: 5 Tricky Compliance Scenarios when Managing Remote Employees, and How to Mitigate the Legal Risks

Monday, September 14th, 6:15pm – 7:00pm – Cocktails & Conversation Sessions

  • Globalization Partners: How to Help Your Clients Expand Globally
  • MasterTax, LLC: COVID-19 Impacts – Unprecedented Times
  • MetLife: The PEO Advantage: How PEOs are Redefining Benefit Solutions for a Changing Work-Life World
  • Risk Transfer Insurance Agency, LLC:  COVID -19 – Long Term Effects on Workers’ Compensation and Business Insurance
  • Teladoc Health: Communicating the Value of Virtual Care from an HR Perspective

Tuesday, September 15th, 2:15pm-3:15pm – Lunch & Learn Sessions

  • Compass Consulting Group, LLC: The Likely Impacts of COVID in Healthcare Pricing
  • Libertate Insurance: How to Price Your Workers’ Compensation Exposure
  • PrismHR: 2020: Top Challenges and Trends
  • Slavic401k: MEPs, PEPS, and other Retirement Updates
  • The PEO Auxiliary: COBRA and FSAs in the Face of Covid, How PEOs Can Stay Compliant

Small Group Networking Meet-Ups

  • C-Suite
  • HR/Legal
  • Accounting/Finance
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Payroll
  • Risk Management
  • Technology
  • Operations
  • Benefits