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Healthcare Certainty

Ah, long car trips: counting VW bugs, finding license plates from different states, and the constant chorus of, “Are we there yet?”

Since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was passed in 2010 and the regulations to implement the massive law were rolled out over the better part of the last decade, PEOs have been counting noses, looking for healthcare solutions for clients all over the country, and wondering, “Are we there yet?”

In a word, no. We are not there yet. Even during the roll-out of the ACA—as Americans waited for definitive instructions—some portions of the law were removed, others delayed, and others implemented in ways other than expected.

Then came the 2016 presidential election, with promises to repeal and replace the ACA, or at least improve the healthcare landscape. Since President Trump was inaugurated in January, everyone has been anxiously awaiting the anticipated change in course. While all attempts to repeal the law have failed so far, some snippets of a different direction have come, as detailed in the first two articles in this feature.

Nonetheless, the ACA is still in effect, and PEOs must continue to comply with existing rules and regulations, as outlined in the third article.

Being the experts in healthcare coverage for their clients, there are best practices PEOs should follow whether the ACA is repealed or not, and whether a new program comes into play or not. These are covered in the last article in this feature.

The road has not been straight, the signs have been confusing, and we are still not there yet. However, the information you are about to read may help you on your journey.

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Finance & Accounting

New Revenue Recognition for Financial Reporting

In May 2014, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued an Accounting Standards Update (ASU 2014-09), “Revenue from Contracts with Customers,” which superseded nearly all existing revenue recognition guidance under generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the U.S. FASB subsequently issued a number of additional amendments, notably ASU 2016-08, “Principal versus Agent Considerations (Reporting Revenues Gross versus Net).”


Inherent Challenges in the PEO Sale

While recently sitting in on a sales call monitoring the dialogue between the sales representative and her prospect, I was reminded of how many of the inherent PEO sales challenges remain. These are the unique challenges faced since day one of marketing PEO services, but still too few PEO sales professionals are prepared to address them. This article identifies several of these inherit challenges. As you read, imagine confronting these issues with a prospective client and think about how you might respond.

Start-up Guide

A PEO Start-Up’s First Year-End

On a personal level, most of us are accustomed to making New Year’s resolutions, even if we don’t follow through with them. However, in the business world, and particularly in the PEO business world, it might be more important to emphasize year-end planning instead of new year planning.


The Inside Word

Sail on Sailor

2017 was a great year for our PEO and me personally! SWBC PEO was in the initial group of PEOs certified by the IRS. The application process was time-consuming and now that we are certified, we are spending considerable time implementing the certification—including the daunting task of obtaining the original signature of every client on the IRS Form 8973 and the new contract addendum we created that contains the requisite IRS CPEO provisions.

NAPEO Notebook

Board of Directors Digs into Ambitious Agenda for 2018 Patrick J. Cleary

As I write this, I have just returned from our Board of Directors and Texas Leadership Council meetings in San Antonio. It was a week filled with good, substantive discussions on issues impacting the PEO industry. NAPEO Chair Norman Paul was our host in his hometown.

Up Front

It’s Full Speed Ahead for NAPEO’s New Branding and Marketing Project Kerry Carruthers

For several months now, we’ve been telling you in this space about NAPEO’s new branding research and marketing effort to grow the industry and drive new business to our members. We underwent a thorough and comprehensive (some might say exhaustive) process to develop the request for proposal (RFP) and select the right firm to complete the project. The firm we selected is Povaddo, an opinion research and issues management consultancy headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

Statehouse Update

Building on 2017 Successes in 2018 Daniel Harris, Melissa Kelly, and Nichole Westin

2017 proved to be a successful year for NAPEO’s State Government Affairs program. We worked to achieve the goals outlined in the 2017 State Action Plan developed by NAPEO’s State Government Affairs Committee and adopted by the Board of Directors.

Legal Q&A

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Farrah L. Fielder, Esq.

Q. With the latest revelations of the extent of sexual harassment and sexism in Congress, the state houses, and the movie industry, I am reminded to reevaluate my company’s policies to promote an appropriate workplace for my employees. How can I create a workplace that does not condone sexual harassment and sexism? A. One of the first places to start

PEO Index

PEO Index Recovering from Previous Quarter’s Slight Dip John Slavic

The PEO Employment Index has recovered in the last reporting period, trending with the improved gross domestic product (GDP) readings as well.

PEOs in the Community

If We All Give a Little, We Can Help a Lot Dianne Parker

At Avitus Group, we aim to approach each community giving campaign with the idea that if we all give a little, we can help a lot. We aim to make our reach extend beyond what one company can do alone. The goal is to make our communities across the United States better places to live, work, and play.

PEO Spotlight

Xenium: Anne Donovan Chris Chaney

Anne Donovan is the president of Tualatin, Oregon-based Xenium, a human resources company offering PEO, ASO, and HRO services. She is also the chair of NAPEO’s Oregon/Washington/Alaska Leadership Council. She has spent her entire career in the human resources industry, most of it at Xenium. She is a passionate, driven leader committed to investing in her team so her employees can learn, grow, and thrive.

The Big Picture

Tax Reform Cannot Wait, Must Not Fail Thomas J. Donohue

October marked the 31st anniversary of the last time Congress passed a major overhaul of the tax code. In the years since, however, our tax system has grown increasingly complex. It has fallen out of step with our economy and become a drag on job creation and wage growth.


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