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The Journey to CPEO

Imagine embarking on a journey that was 17 years in the making, a journey that will expand business opportunities and provide certainty for the PEO business model.

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Legal Currents

Pregnancy and the Workplace

With the ever-increasing confluence of multiple laws at both state and federal levels, it has become more and more important for the PEO and its human resources experts to train and work with clients on their mutual obligations to employees with regard to pregnancy and pregnancy-related issues in the workplace. This article addresses both the applicable laws and recommended best practices for PEOs and their worksite employer clients.

Risk Management

When Claims Occur…

Two of the most critical products PEOs provide to their clients are risk management services and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. The Certification Institute (CI), comprising insurance carriers, insurance program managers, PEO executives, and PEO risk managers, worked collaboratively to develop a series of PEO industry risk management best practices. The industry best practices, as developed by CI, are intended to provide risk management guidance to PEOs in the design and execution of the risk management products and services they provide to their client companies.


Communicating SBEA Value

Over the past few years, the traditional four-part PEO value proposition has evolved right before our eyes. As discussed in the February issue of PEO Insider,® clients are increasingly perceiving value in service offerings related to technology and legislative compliance. One author suggested including legislative compliance as the fifth component of the PEO value proposition.

Start-up Guide

When Staffing a New a PEO, Where do you Begin?

That question is often asked, and the answer is, “That depends.” The truth is, there is not a silver bullet answer; nor is there an absolute correct or incorrect way to get started. If you start by asking advice from others, then whom do you ask? Well-intentioned friends or advisors may give you vague advice such as, “Well whatever you do… make sure you only hire the folks you need,” or “…make sure you fill the important positions first,” or “…make sure you have a realistic business plan.” All of these responses are good advice, but none of them actually answers the question.


The Inside Word

‘As policymakers, we need to foster an environment that allows U.S.-based innovators and entrepreneurs to compete and to flourish.’

Members of NAPEO don’t create policy for businesses. However, our mission is to assist small and mid-size businesses in the regulatory landscape that exists. Sometimes, that mission dictates that we advocate for an environment in which small business can grow and flourish.

NAPEO Notebook

Great Week for PEOs at NAPEO’s PEO Capitol Summit Patrick J. Cleary

The week of May 16 was a busy one for us, as it was the week of a NAPEO Board of Directors meeting and the PEO Capitol Summit. And what a week it was!

Statehouse Update

Relationship-Building in Ohio Pays Dividends Melissa Kelly

For the last several years, NAPEO has focused on improving dialogue and the industry’s relationship with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC). To assist in that goal and with other legislative and regulatory efforts, NAPEO employs a contract lobbyist in Columbus. Our relationship-building efforts have yielded dividends.

NAPEO Advisor

IAIABC, NAIC, NCIGF, NCCI: Associations and Bureaus Supporting the Insurance Industry Farrah L. Fielder

Q. What is the IAIABC, and why does it matter to the PEO industry? A. The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) informs and educates on workers’ compensation policy, regulation, and administration. The IAIABC’s motto is, “Advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of workers’ compensation systems around the world.” It is the largest trade association for workers’ compensation agencies in...

PEO Index

Slight Slowdown in PEO Space John Slavic

The PEO Employment Index has been flattening over the last few quarters. This indicates something of a slowdown in the PEO space. If you look at the same period in previous years, the trend is to see some upward growth.

PEOs in the Community

Why Make-A-Wish® is our Designated Charity Joe Carfagno

Ask 9-year-old Eddie who won the 1963 world wrestling championship and he immediately says “Bruno Sammartino.” The little boy with a big smile is a walking encyclopedia of wrestling trivia. He is clearly bright and happy. He is also brave and resilient as he faces a life-threatening illness. So when Make-A-Wish® Philadelphia, Northern Delaware & Susquehanna Valley asked Eddie what he’d like for his wish, he didn’t hesitate: “Go to WrestleMania!”

PEO Spotlight

Modern Business Associates, Inc.: Sean McConnell Stephanie Oetjen

If you were watching CNN between January 17 and February 28, 1991, you probably saw the play-by-play of Operation Desert Storm, the combat phase of the first Gulf War, and the first war to be widely televised, in the dawn of the 24-hour news cycle. The war was an aerial and naval bombardment to expel Iraqi troops from Kuwait. U.S. Navy aircraft carriers were deployed in the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, including the USS America. Somewhere within that enormous vessel was Yeoman Sean McConnell, who...

The Big Picture

Lawmakers Should Make Laws, Not Regulators Thomas J. Donohue

Many Americans are angry with a Congress and administration that seem out of touch with the people, are unaccountable, and act in their own self-interest. Nothing better exemplifies these sentiments than an issue happening largely under the radar. Federal regulators—the Environmental Protection Agency, the National Labor Relations Board, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and the whole alphabet soup of federal agencies—are skirting safeguards and essentially creating laws of their own.

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