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Letter from the NAPEO Chair


Have you ever blinked your eyes and a whole month has flown by? For me, that was February. I knew it would be action packed - but wow! I blinked, and it was gone. 

NAPEO Staff were seen across the country. Welcome Jason Gabhart, our new senior director of state government affairs, to the NAPEO team! In California, a strategy meeting was held to map out a game plan for needed legislation benefiting our industry in California. There was a flurry of efforts in New Mexico for the hearing of our benefits bill. Shout out to Emily Marsh for the extra efforts and her “can do” determination. In New York, NAPEO’s Advocacy Day had almost 20 members in Albany, educating state Assembly and Senate members about our industry. New York is an important state for our industry! Kudos to Leadership Council Co-Chairs Andy Lubash and Steve Politis, along with Kristin Baldwin, for their efforts to make this day happen! 

On my favorite topic of ERTC, NAPEO continued to advocate for our industry in February. I am thankful for the incredible support and all the efforts being taken. Be it submitting a question for the Senate Finance Committee’s nomination hearing for Daniel Werfel, to a letter sent by NAPEO to members of Congress, this is an industry-wide effort. It does not stop there. In addition to Hill meetings that occurred at the end of January in conjunction with the FGAC meeting, I will be back at the end of this month continuing to share our message. 

But wait, there’s more…more ahead that is! In the land of PEO, we don’t sit still. Ever. 

In March, we have the CEO Forum in Palo Alto supporting continued executive learning with Stanford professors, followed by the Q1 board of directors meeting and Retreat. I have recognized the velocity of state activity and, as such, will be focused on our Leadership Chair Councils and how we best leverage the councils to build momentum for favorable PEO practices across the country.  

There are opportunities to tune-in to NAPEO webinars bringing you important information on:  

  • PEO market awareness from our trusted advisors 

  • Cyber Security Awareness Training 

  • Update from IRS about reconciliation of the payroll tax credits deferrals; latest changes to the CPEO program; and an update on the Employee Retention Tax Credit (yes, my favorite topic!) 

  • Women in NAPEO (WIN) session with guest speaker Dr. Laura Gallaher who will inspire us to lead from the inside out. 

Please join me in celebrating Women's History Month. This month honors the trailblazing women who led and who lead the way for change. This year’s theme is #EmbraceEquity. Gender equity is about an inclusive world. We can drive change and challenge gender stereotypes, draw attention to bias and build inclusive practices. It is not just a call to action for women, you all are an ally. You can help fight the good fight. 

Inclusivity enables all of us to learn about each other and our cultures. In March, St. Patrick’s Day is full of festivities celebrating Irish culture and heritage. In my community, I have enjoyed learning about and celebrating Holi Festival with neighbors. For those that have not experienced, it has many names such as Festival of Colors or Festival of Spring. As one of the biggest celebrations in India, this holiday signifies overcoming evil through goodness and continuing to live life through generosity, goodness and sincerity. With that in mind, I will leave you with an old Irish blessing, fitting for this month… 

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.” 



2022-2023 NAPEO Chair 
SVP, Health, Wealth, Tax, Compliance & Business Development 
ADP TotalSource 
Alpharetta, GA 

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