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Recent events have once again laid bare the racial divisions in the US. There have been protests in every major city, and in many small towns as well. This is an issue that our country has faced time and time again.

Every citizen needs to do their part to address the underlying issues here. We are no exception. PEOs are uniquely positioned in the HR space. We deal every day with issues of discrimination, of diversity, of opportunity. If your clients have not already asked you for guidance on this, they will. PEOs need to be a resource, and positive force for change.

What NAPEO will do:

  • We have joined the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s National Initiative to Address the Inequality of Opportunity. They are urging partners like us to engage on the initiative by driving individual work in our local communities to improve the equality of opportunity. And we will.

  • We will pull a group of members together to help advise us and guide us. Let us know if you want to be a part of that group.

  • We will hold webinars on diversity, inclusion, and how PEOs can help their clients.

  • We will hold a virtual town hall featuring PEO members who are addressing this issue, to talk about what they’re doing, and to share ideas about what we should be doing as an industry.

  • We will launch a page on our website that will serve as a clearinghouse for guidance, how-to’s, videos, and all the resources we can find, that you can use for yourself and for your clients.

  • Finally, the NAPEO Strategic Plan – hatched by our leadership last year – provides that we will “recruit and engage new and more diverse industry leaders at all levels.” And we will.

As an industry, we can’t sit on the sidelines. We need to engage in the space we inhabit, to act and to be a resource for our clients.