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PEOs around the country are taking innovative approaches to fostering diversity and inclusion in their own workplaces and in the workplaces of the small and mid-size businesses they serve. Here are just a few examples:

Justworks has committed to doing its part to eradicate racism and bias in a variety of important ways, including training employees to actively undo racism, waiving 12 months of Justworks admin fees for newly formed Black-owned businesses to help them get started, and offering a discount to all Black-owned businesses no matter when they were started, among many other things. Justworks' commitment to eradicating racism.

The QTI Group has created the Belonging, Inclusion, and Diversity (BID) Committee as part of its initiative to move towards a more inclusive workplace. The BID Committee  creates quarterly programming and content to challenge biases, get employees thinking, and nudge team members out of their comfort zones so they can grow as individuals, colleagues, and community members. The company recently held a virtual all-staff workshop on the concept of allyship and being an ally in the workplace. Q Belong Newsletter-Allyship   

Nextep has gathered employer resources for diversity and inclusion on its "Stand Against Injustice" webpage.

Regis HR Group's IDEA committee, works to help worksite employers implement actionable programs to promote Inclusiveness, Diversity, Equity and Advancement. The committee's current focus is leveraging employee training/development and community involvement to drive awareness and promote positive change.‚Äč