PEO Capitol Summit 2021 Education

Session Summaries

PEO Unique Industry Issues
Clients or potential clients like schools, churches, real estate firms, medical offices, and legal marijuana businesses pose unique and unforeseen challenges to PEOs. This panel will review niche issues that PEOs should be aware of when partnering with certain industries, and will offer strategies on how to handle them.  

DOL & OSHA Update
As the Biden administration settles into office, you can expect the U.S. Department of Labor and related agencies to issue guidance, opinion letters, and rules in contrast to those issued during the Trump administration. This panel will provide an update and analysis of the PEO impact of recently released DOL rules and guidance.  

Emerging Issues
We have saved time for emerging issues that may arise at the time of the event.  You will hear from experts on of-the-moment topics to stay abreast of what is going on in the PEO industry.  

Case Law Update
Each year this session is a conference highlight. Keeping up with new court decisions, holdings, and rulings can be a daunting task. This session will review recent legal decisions impacting PEOs with respect to how case law has been changed or upheld.  

Ask the Benefits Lawyers
This is your chance to ask the experts about all things benefits. Our panelists are prepared to tackle your most pressing questions, and offer unique PEO-specific insight that’s hard to come by anywhere else. Get your questions ready!  

Each year we offer an ethics session to fulfill an important CLE requirement. This year’s session revolves around cybersecurity and privacy with respect to a remote workforce. You’ll learn best practices, and general principles to adhere to when crafting cybersecurity and privacy policies.