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IRS Certification Process FAQs - June 2017

IRS Certification Process FAQs - June 2017

Question:  The IRS notified my PEO that we are approved for certification. Now what?

Answer: The IRS has created on its website a special section that outlines what you need to know now that you are a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO).

What does it mean if my PEO has not yet been notified by the IRS?

Answer:  If your status is still “pending” – then the IRS is still considering your application. The IRS will contact your company if they have any questions about your application.

Question: How will I be notified if my PEO was not approved for IRS certification?

Answer: Through your CPEO application portal

Question: When will the full list of certified PEOs be published?

Answer: According to the IRS, "Once certifications are effective, the IRS will publish a list of all organizations that are certified as CPEOs, and the effective date of their certification at the CPEO page on a quarterly basis, by the 15th day of the first month of every calendar quarter." Under this definition, we’d expect the list to be published in mid-July.

Question: If I haven’t yet applied for PEO certification, can I still do so?

Answer: Yes.  You can apply at any time.  Moving forward, we anticipate the IRS will consider and approve applications as they are received, in the order they are received.

Question: How can I contact the IRS with specific questions?

​Answer:  The IRS Application helpline for TECHNICAL questions related to PEO certification application is (855) 477-7347.

Question: Is there guidance on what is acceptable marketing of this certification?

Answer:  We anticipate that the IRS will issue guidance on acceptable marketing of IRS PEO certification on the CPEO website prior to the posting of the list of certified PEOs, which we expect will be on or about July 15, 2017.