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State Government Affairs Plan

State Government Affairs Plan

The 2018 State Government Affairs Action Plan (“Plan”) was prepared in accordance with NAPEO’s State Government Affairs Committee Operational Guidelines. The Plan was approved by the NAPEO Board of Directors at its November 2017 board meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

The Plan provides for engaging in a proactive and aggressive strategy that would continue NAPEO’s focus on creating operational certainty for PEOs in the states.  It calls for NAPEO to undertake active lobbying efforts for PEO statutory enactment or modernization in four (4) states (CA, GA, MA, and MO) where enactment and/or improvement of existing statutes will significantly benefit PEOs operating in those jurisdictions as well as offer opportunities to those PEOs seeking to expand to new markets. The plan also includes: four (4) states (LA, MD, OH and SC), where issue specific legislative or regulatory initiatives that will provide and/or enhance the legal and operational certainty for PEOs; and five (5) states (FL, MI, NJ, NY and TX) where active monitoring of legislation and regulatory activity that has the greatest potential to affect the industry will be undertaken. The plan further provides for three (3) states (IN, MS and OK), where NAPEO staff will initiate – or continue to explore – exploratory initiatives without retaining a lobbyist.

Complete NAPEO 2017 State Action Plan