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PEO Insider Editorial Profile

Founded in 1997, PEO Insider® is the official publication of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations, and the only magazine focused solely on the PEO industry. PEO Insider readers—PEO owners, managers, department heads, and sales staff—depend on the information offered through our regular departments, columns, and features.

PEO Insider is written for the educational benefit of professionals currently in or entering the PEO industry. As the most respected source for PEO industry information, PEO Insider is committed to maintaining the highest level of integrity in its editorial content and relationships with advertisers.

Issue Focus
Each issue of PEO Insider focuses on an overarching issue of importance to the PEO industry. Each article examines one aspect of the issue, with varying perspectives and approaches provided from peers in the industry.

Each of the following tracks examines subject matter in the PEO context in a variety of ways: Commentary/analysis/perspective, questions and answers, “how we did it” and case histories, success stories, best practices, infographics and statistics reports, point/counterpoint, discussion and debate, and interviews and profiles. 

Letter from the NAPEO Chair
NAPEO Board news, global industry issues, NAPEO initiatives, and reflection and perspective from the NAPEO Chair

Quick Hits
The latest nuggets of relevant information pertinent to PEOs: who/what/where, breaking news, industry stats

PEO Voices
Point/counterpoint on important issues, discussion of industry trends, compelling and controversial industry issues, industry threats and challenges, C-level strategies, up-and-comers and rising stars, and PEO impact on the community

Legal, Legislative, & Regulatory
Legal hot topics, federal and state regulatory and legislative updates, healthcare from the regulatory perspective, and laws and regulations that affect the various areas of the PEO: HR, operations, benefits, insurance, payroll, tax

HR, Employment, & Benefits
Human resources and benefits developments, workforce and employment issues, strategic and transactional HR, benefits administration, workers’ compensation, and risk management and insurance

Operations & Technology
Payroll policies and procedures, budgeting/finance/accounting, cybersecurity, the PEO operating platform and infrastructure, innovative ideas, new technologies

PEO Growth
Traditional marketing and sales strategies and tactics, digital marketing and social media strategies and tactics, market research and trends, the PEO value proposition, solutions to common sales and marketing problems, PEO industry statistics, economic updates, and leveraging IRS certification

Letter from the NAPEO President
Events, issues, and insight from the NAPEO President and CEO