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How to be a Compliance Superhero for Your Clients

Imagine your clients, slogging away, day after day, dealing with legal compliance, changing regulations, federal laws, state laws, new laws… all the while trying to run their businesses, into which they’ve invested their blood, sweat, and tears. Regular hours? Forget about it.


If only these small business clients had someone to help, a superhero of sorts, to save them from these burdens.


Actually, if you are reading this, you are likely one of those very superheroes. As a PEO, you help your clients with these problems every day. Because things change constantly, this feature is designed to provide the very latest about the legal and regulatory issues that affect you and your clients right now.

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Fines and Appeals and Exchanges—Oh My!

January 1, 2016, not only rang in a new year, but it also signaled the date that the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA’s) employer shared responsibility, or “employer mandate,” provision (which we’ll refer to throughout this article by its technical title, “Section 4980H”) became broadly applicable to all employers

Legal Currents

Recent EEOC Developments

All federal agencies have stepped up their regulatory and enforcement initiatives during the current administration. We have all observed how the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) turned employee policy manuals and social media in the workplace inside out regardless of whether an employer had a union shop.

Risk Management

PEO Risk Management Housekeeping Best Practices

The plan to create a PEO without ensuing chaos could never be condensed into one PEO Insider® article, but one article can explain some enterprise risk management (ERM) safeguards to consider when initially forming a PEO. When creating any entity, the business is always the most valuable when

Finance & Accounting

Is Your PEO Audit Ready?

Accounting is one of the necessary evils in business. There are a select few who enjoy doing it on a daily basis, and then there are those in the rest of the world, who cringe at the thought of it. I can’t tell you how many times


The State Information Data Exchange System and PEOs

In 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), state unemployment insurance (UI) agencies, and the National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) partnered to create the State Information Data Exchange System (SIDES).1 SIDES allows employers and third party administrators (TPAs) to send and receive unemployment correspondences electronically


The Inside Word

‘Investing capital in the free market creates innovation, businesses, jobs and economic growth. Investing capital in the government creates more bureaucracy, more paperwork and inefficiency.’

As the current presidential administration rolls into its final months, the various agencies within the executive branch have launched an aggressive campaign to expand their reach. The target for much of this expansion is the business community.

NAPEO Notebook

Gaining Insights from NAPEO Members Patrick J. Cleary

NAPEO board member Andy Lubash of Prestige Employee Administrators, Inc., based in Melville, New York, has long ribbed me that my travel tends to take me to warmer climes, like Florida, Texas, and California, but almost never north. Of course, this isn’t true—I’ve traveled to

Up Front

Go PEO U.!

Last month, NAPEO officially launched an important new resource for members: PEO University. Designed primarily for those new to the industry, PEO University uses web-based videos, in-person educational programs, and interactive webinars to cover the critical fundamentals of the industry and provide

Capitol Comment

State-Sponsored Auto IRA Legislation Gains Momentum Thom Stohler

Legislation is being introduced in many states to require private-sector employers that fail to offer retirement benefits to provide these benefits to their employees and automatically enroll them into state-sponsored individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

NAPEO Advisor

What’s with the NAPEO Antitrust Policy at Every Meeting? Farrah L. Fielder, Esq.

Q. Why does every NAPEO meeting include the NAPEO antitrust policy? By this point in my career, I probably have 100 copies of the policy. Can I expect to add to the collection? A. First off, yes, expect to see

PEOs in the Community

AccessPoint Cares Madison Packer and Greg Packer

When someone asks anyone at our organization what makes AccessPoint different, the uniform answer is: “We Care.” Our company launched a program called “AccessPoint Cares” because we really do care: about our team members, our clients, and the communities we serve.

PEO Spotlight

Aureon HR: Joel D. Duncan Stephanie Oetjen

Joel Duncan had just graduated from college in 1986 and was anxious to find a job to support himself and pay off college loans. He heard about an opportunity at State Farm, so he took a Trailways bus from

The Big Picture

An Attack on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Thomas J. Donohue

With a weak economy and a labor force participation rate near a 40-year low, now is not the time to slam the brakes on entrepreneurship and innovation. But that’s exactly what a new ordinance from the Seattle City Council would do.

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