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There are 487 PEOs in the U.S. that provide payroll, benefits, and other HR services to hundreds of thousands of primarily small and mid-size businesses employing 4 million people. PEOs help businesses improve productivity, increase profitability, and focus on their core mission. Through a PEO, the employees of small businesses gain access to employee benefits such as 401(k) plans; health, dental, life, and other insurance; dependent care; and other benefits typically provided by large companies. More than 15 percent of all employers with 10 to 99 employees partner with a PEO.

According to studies by economist Laurie Bassi, businesses that use a PEO have 40 percent higher revenue growth, 14-16 percent lower turnover rates, and are 50 percent less likely to go out of business than companies that do not use a PEO.

To find a PEO doing business where you are, search by state below, or enter a specific company name. Then review the listings and company descriptions and request a proposal from the companies that fit your needs.

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Employee Resource Administration, L.P.

(214) 739-0695
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2011

E3 HR, Inc.

(908) 516-8555
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2016


Providing best-in-class Workers' Compensation, Risk Management, Payroll & Tax Solutions services through our state of the art platform.


(512) 948-7063
NAPEO Member Since Oct 1990


PMG's functions as an "OFF-SITE" Personnel Department for its clients and their staff. We have successfully provided flexible and cost-effective solutions for managing their personnel/human resource responsibilities since 1989. Our well-trained staff is prepared to provide you with the prompt, professional and personalized support that you deserve and need. We invite you to contact us for a free confidential no obligation proposal. Thank you for considering PMG as your PEO provider firm.

DmDickason Staff Leasing Company

(915) 532-1981
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2005

Atlas Professional Services, L.L.C.

(248) 402-0075
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022


(301) 840-0770
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2019

Quality Business Solutions, Inc.

(864) 834-3985
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2000

Diamond PEO, LLC.

(714) 796-9110
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2016


(813) 497-1076

NAPEO Member Since Sep 2023

Tandem HR

(630) 928-0510
NAPEO Member Since Sep 1998


Tandem HR is an IRS-certified CPEO, or HR outsourcing company. We provide custom human resource solutions for small to mid-sized businesses because we firmly believe there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to HR. Each organization has its own unique set of challenges, opportunities, and employee base. We partner with businesses for payroll, benefits, compliance, and other HR solutions that best fit their current needs. We are able to scale solutions as our clients grow or downsize.


(301) 340-3800
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2013

Mid Oregon Personnel

(541) 382-0445
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2022

Thanexus, Inc.

(732) 974-9444
NAPEO Member Since Feb 1997

Solid Business Solutions

(832) 222-9916
NAPEO Member Since May 2023

Aspen HR
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2020


(518) 793-9825
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2002

Stratus HR

(801) 984-0252
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2002


Stratus simplifies HR for human resource professionals and novice office managers. Backed by people, our Stratus software streamlines your employee administration while our certified experts help you navigate both the everyday and more challenging HR situations. We provide full-service human resources, competitive employee benefits, and Stratus Agency, an independent brokerage that insures all your business assets. Stratus has a credible Net Promoter Score of 67.6 (industry average is 41), indicating a significantly better experience for clients who choose Stratus HR.

Resource Management, Inc.

(978) 343-0048
NAPEO Member Since Mar 1996

Professional Aviation Management, Inc.

(305) 593-5050
NAPEO Member Since Jul 1998

United Professional Staff Inc.

NAPEO Member Since Jun 2024

Staffpro, Inc.

(718) 471-1122
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2000

Optimum Employer Solutions

(949) 650-7800
NAPEO Member Since May 2006

My HR Professionals

(501) 474-7752
NAPEO Member Since Dec 2022

Tilson HR

(317) 885-3838
NAPEO Member Since Aug 1995


Tilson is a premier workforce business solution that helps small-to-mid-sized businesses focus their time, money and energy on their core business. Comprehensive services include payroll and benefits administration, HR administration, and liability management. These core services are performed by a fully-integrated HR team and complemented by a Web-based platform that provides clients and employees with HR information and resources. Tilson provides PEO services to companies throughout the United States.

Insured Solutions, Inc.

(678) 262-3200
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2011


Insured Solutions, Inc. is an independent PEO brokerage firm. Using the commercial insurance agent marketing channel, we handle the sales, underwriting, risk management, new client enrollment, and on-going client service. We also integrate our on-line quoting and enrollment services to speed up proposal and onboarding process.


(856) 642-9500
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2003


Founded in 1998, NEMR provides a unique “concierge” HR solution for small to mid-sized employers. Our high touch service model provides a cost-effective payroll, employee benefits and HR solution to employers in any geographic location using the best available cloud based technology. One of our major differences is the ability to be flexible and create solutions that fit our clients’ needs. We make it a point to understand our clients, their staff and their business model.

Emerge Employer Solutions

(714) 733-7919
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2022

Allstaff Payroll, Inc.

(850) 434-6708
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2023

Affinity HR, Inc

(435) 222-0510
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2024


Affinity HR has empowered our clients with industry-leading human resource solutions that help their business thrive. Our comprehensive services assist our clients in the areas of payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, and benefits. We remove the administrative burden of running their business and allow our clients to focus on their business performance. Our Mission is to Empower Business Through Comprehensive HR Solutions.

Opes Companies

(816) 797-6265

NAPEO Member Since Feb 2024

Simple HR

(850) 650-9935
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2021


SimpleHR delivers cost-effective HR solutions which includes payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation, accounting and compliance with State and Federal regulations. While assisting our valued Clients with employee risks for over 18 years, SimpleHR provides a level of customer service that is unparalleled in the industry with a team of credentialed professionals and the goal of exceeding our customers' expectations. With SimpleHR, you can spend less time on employer obligations and focus on growing your business without the burden of administrative challenges.

Congruity HR

(336) 497-5132
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2021

American Payroll Service

(330) 783-3970
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2000


American Payroll Service (APS) provides comprehensive payroll and human resources solutions customized for your business. Our services help you run your organization more efficiently by providing the support you need. Email for more details.

Pay Plus Benefits, Inc.

(509) 735-1143
NAPEO Member Since May 1991


Solutions to simplify human resource administration including tools to navigate through all the confusing regulations related to health care reform.  With deep expertise in HR, benefits, and payroll along with innovative technology, we turn time consuming employer challenges into simple, efficient, and accessible solutions.

American Admin

(503) 624-4855
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2020


We are a small boutique PEO that operates in Oregon. We are friendly and accurate.. And work outside the box for each client. Give us a call.

Spirit HR

(405) 951-5300
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2015


Spirit Human Resources is the client-centric HR outsourcing partner built to meet the needs of your business.The ideal combination of high-tech, cloud-based HRIS paired with highly educated, dedicated professionals, Spirit HR helps you navigate the tricky terrain of being an employer. Running a business is hard, we can make it easier.

Axios HR

(616) 949-2525
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2020

J. Gregory PEO, LLC

(941) 456-7788
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2020


J. Gregory PEO brings your business the highest value business benefits.

Array HI, Inc. dba Employers Options

(808) 909-3099
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2021


Exceptional Service from Exceptional People is the Array way! Let us take the burden off your company with our personal touch and hands on service; you are more than a number to us.

Allied Workforce, Inc.

(325) 695-5822
NAPEO Member Since Jun 1995


Focus on your Core Business Mission of Growing your Business and Increasing Profits while Allied Workforce, Inc. handles your Back Office Administrative Functions, Such as Payroll, Tax Filing, Human Resources, Time and Attendance Recordkeeping, Benefits, Risk Management, Worksite Safety and Professional Development Training. Allied Provides Recruiting and Performance Management Resources.


(800) 888-0472
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1991


LandrumHR is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers small and mid-size business HR outsourcing, payroll, group health insurance, benefits, and assuring compliance with employment laws and regulations. We offer a comprehensive array of services to help you protect and grow your business. LandrumHR is a mid-size PEO that is large enough to offer robust technology, but small enough to offer customized HR programs specific to client needs.

Pacific HR, Inc.

(805) 686-1522
NAPEO Member Since May 2000

Axcet HR Solutions

(913) 383-2999
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2018


Axcet HR Solutions (Axcet) manages human resources, benefits, payroll, safety, and workers' compensation duties for small- to medium-sized businesses in the Greater Kansas City metro area.

Alliance Alpine

(801) 477-1800
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

Sustainable HR

(608) 416-1003
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2018


(815) 381-5507

NAPEO Member Since Aug 2023

Human Capital Concepts, LLC

(800) 419-4037
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2007


HCC is an Indiana based Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) and Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO) company that provides robust HR solutions to fit businesses of all sizes. With dedicated support, HCC provides access to better health benefits, payroll, technology, HR administration, and compliance to help businesses grow. Outsourcing functions that are not part of your core competency makes good business sense. Our clients love us because of our incredible team.

Staff Management, Inc.

(815) 282-3900
NAPEO Member Since Sep 1986


Staff Management, Inc. was founded by John and Fran Morrissey in 1983 to provide Human Resources Consulting and Outsourcing Services to small and mid-size businesses. For thirty years we have developed best practices and a team of specialists to work with our Clients. As Trusted Advisors, we help companies improve their business performance and achieve business goals. Our Mission: To provide “Quality Resources for Strategic Business Management.”

Ethan Allen HR Services

(845) 471-1200
NAPEO Member Since Apr 1993


A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), Ethan Allen HR Services (Staff-Line, Inc.) integrates payroll, employee benefits, and HR administration into one business service. Ethan Allen HR Services benefits you by effectively managing human resources, controlling employment costs, and ensuring compliance with employment regulations.

HR Plus, LLC

(513) 470-2827
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2019

High Road PEO

(208) 994-0600
NAPEO Member Since May 2021


We chose the name High Road because it's an image of integrity, honesty and selflessness. Those who "take the high road" show themselves to be a class act, even during difficult times. It's about being the kind of people you want to work with; the kind you can trust and will add value to your business. We also like the name High Road because it reminds us that HR is at the center of everything we do.

Universal Select, Inc.

(904) 786-1166
NAPEO Member Since May 2021

SBS PayrollHR

(949) 225-3028

NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

Employ Source

(630) 363-1833
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2017


Employ Source is a boutique employment solutions partner offering custom back-office solutions. Our team of employment specialists provides expertise in Human Resources, Compliance, Benefits, Risk Management, Payroll and Taxes, and even Staffing. Whether you are looking for a full-service Professional Employer Organization (PEO) or a la carte services, Employ Source has the solution.

TriNet Group, Inc.

(510) 352-5000
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1989

The Alliance Group, Inc.

(402) 344-7700
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

G&A Partners

(713) 784-1181
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2019


G&A Partners exists to help build thriving businesses by delivering world-class HR services that make a difference in the lives of the clients, employees, and communities we serve. When people think HR, we want them to think G&A.

Consolidated Personnel Services

(602) 230-8940
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2018

Combined Management, Inc.

(207) 782-8246
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2015

HR Strategies

(770) 339-0000
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2020

Accurate Employer Solutions

(813) 551-0115
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2021

InTANDEM Human Resources, LLC

(303) 955-7615
NAPEO Member Since Dec 2010


Located in Denver, InTANDEM HR is a Professional Employer Organization that offers small to mid-size employers a secure and professional HR solution. We keep clients costs and time of HR administration down so they increase profitability and attract/retain quality employees. We are their “HR team down the street”. We provide the best service, most advanced technology, and cost effective delivery through our vendor partnerships and dedicated staff. Our motto: “Provide premiere, customized service that exceeds our clients’ expectations.”

OEM America

(860) 528-5555
NAPEO Member Since Aug 1998

RCR Risk Control Services, Inc.

(760) 804-8000
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2022

HR Partners, Inc.

(770) 248-0401
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2021


We work with Business leaders of growing firms that want to scale. We provide customized solutions that meet your business needs - ASO, PEO and HR Consulting. Through our dedicated service model, we help relieve you of the challenges of people management. We leverage our technology, assist you with HR management, scaling, aligning your team, benefits administration, compensation surveys, 401(k), payroll administration, and employee learning. We help you focus on what matters most - thriving!

The PeoplEase Group

NAPEO Member Since Sep 1996

The Intelligent Companies

(586) 218-1113
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2024

CheckMate Management, Inc.

(518) 584-3565
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2004



Employers' Innovative Network LLC

(304) 204-8700
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2020


EIN is a Professional Employer Organization that is partnered with the BBB, NAPEO, West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, Society for Human Resource Management, and the American Payroll Association. EIN is a leader in the PEO industry. Our company led the movement in West Virginia to enact Bill 4079 that regulates our profession in the state. Due to EIN’s commitment to the passage of this bill our leadership team was invited to join Governor Joe Manchin at the formal bill signing ceremony.

Kaya HR

(503) 223-4408
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2015


Kaya HR is a locally owned and operated HR management company operating in Oregon. We provide administrative, compliance, and strategic HR solutions to small sized businesses. Kaya HR was founded on a basic concept; assure the ""value"" of our service is measured by the freedom you gain, enabling you to focus on what you do best. By relieving our clients of their non-productive employment responsibilities, business owners are able to focus their creative energy on important matters; growth, profit, and quality.

Vision HR, Inc.

(386) 255-7070
NAPEO Member Since May 1998


Vision HR: A fully integrated, full-service Human Resource Company; offering customized human resources management, payroll, workers' comp, benefits administration, commercial business insurance packages, direct hire and staffing services; a single source for all of your business needs.


(303) 466-7864
NAPEO Member Since Nov 1998


(304) 929-5996
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2021


(866) 622-1511
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2012


Lever1 provides administrative and management solutions for business owners. By assisting with your office management needs, Lever1 allows you to focus your resources on generating revenue. Utilizing Lever1’s PEO plan allows business owners the opportunity to provide their employees competitive benefits otherwise not feasible. Lever1’s biggest measurement of achievement is the growth and success of its clients.

Staff Leasing of Central New York, Inc.

(315) 641-3600
NAPEO Member Since Mar 1990


Staff Leasing is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) serving business owners and employees as an outsourced human resources department. By streamlining your personnel costs through vendor consolidation and offering a comprehensive employee benefit package, we become your trusted business adviser and partner, allowing you to concentrate on the business you know best … your own.

Erigo Employer Solutions

(859) 905-0092
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2011


Recognizing the growing burden of employment compliance for small businesses, Erigo Employer Solutions was founded in 2011 to help business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success. Erigo supports clients by providing human resources solutions that help small businesses obtain compliance with legal requirements and limit liability through efficient, minimally burdensome processes. We are committed to providing a quality service to the small business community and to creating a company that we can be proud of for years to come.

Highpoint Resources, Inc.

(281) 866-8000
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2024

Trion Solutions Inc

(800) 681-9675
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2016


Trion Solutions is one of the nation’s largest PEOs, serving clients in 48 states and Puerto Rico, reducing the stress and burden for small to mid-size businesses of managing payroll and other HR services alone. Trion is a certified minority-owned company with corporate headquarters in Michigan and major service offices in Arizona and Florida.

Allevity HR & Payroll

(530) 345-2486
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1984


In business for 50 years, Allevity continues to provide our clients the freedom to get back to doing what they love. We offer high touch service in the areas of Human Resources, payroll, staffing, and recruiting. One of our long-time customers says it best, “They know our business. They know our people. It sets our mind at ease.” Allevity’s mission is to be your best business decision.


(936) 756-1980
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2008


Questco, an IRS- Certified PEO, serves businesses nationwide from our Headquarters in greater Houston and Service Centers in Arizona and Nebraska. We are distinguished by our client satisfaction, with a Net Promoter Score ® four times the industry average. This great feedback is earned by our transparency, flexibility, and “can-do spirit.” Our comprehensive, customizable service offerings include access to HR expertise, benefits, safety programs, efficient 401(k) programs, and payroll & benefits administration. We invite you to explore The Questco Difference.

Harbor America Holdings Inc.

(281) 999-5544
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2003

Vensure Employer Services

(800) 409-8958
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2019

Lone Star PEO, Inc.

(210) 496-7827
NAPEO Member Since Dec 2015

EMS Payroll
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2022

Central Staff Services, Inc.

(631) 981-5551
NAPEO Member Since Jun 1993


CSS has been a member of NAPEO since 1993. We specialize in small to medium businesses offering them a boutique style PEO service organization. We customize our process to fit the needs of our clients. We offer an extremely high level of service to even our smallest clients. You may reach us at 631-981-5551 we operate nationally with an emphasis on the NY tri state area. We look forward to hearing from you.

Propel PEO, Inc.

(864) 271-7611
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2007


At Propel HR, we believe that when a business has the right tools and proper support, it operates more efficiently and grows faster. When you’re confident that your employees are being taken care of, you have more time and energy to concentrate on your customers. The Propel difference is our commitment to our values: pursuing excellence, driving growth, acting with integrity, and being good stewards of your business, employees and resources. Propel. Business forward.

ADP TotalSource Inc.

(407) 221-8712
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1991


ADP TotalSource is a best-in-class PEO supporting over 720,000 employees nationwide. Through dedicated experts and powerful technology ADP TotalSource is a full HR suite. It includes: Fortune 500® caliber employee benefits • talent management • optional recruiting/applicant tracking • compliance (ACA, FLSA, EEO, etc.) • payroll and tax • risk and safety • cloud technology • mobile app • guidance from dedicated experts • and more. ADP TotalSource is uniquely positioned to help businesses that want to adapt faster to change and growth.


(888) 393-4738
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2016


(949) 535-2380
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2021

PayDay Benefits II

(801) 404-5241
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2011

Equity Talent Solutions

(248) 860-7327

NAPEO Member Since Jul 2023

Enterprise HR

(727) 520-7676
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2010

Employers Resource

(208) 376-3000
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2021

American One Source, Inc.

(254) 751-0156
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2011


Certified Woman Owned Small Business

T&T Staff Management, Inc.

(915) 771-0393
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2006


941-925-2990 E20178
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2011


At CoAdvantage, we are HR experts who work as your outsourcing partner to administer payroll, benefits, workers’ compensation and core HR functions. Our integrated approach enables us to provide cost-effective, high quality solutions that help minimize risk, drive value, and you to focus on growth. Call 855-351-4731 or visit

Corporate Solutions

(956) 928-0688
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2009

Impact Workforce Solutions

(770) 412-0868
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2002


Impact Workforce Solutions is a full-service human resource company that targets the business sense and the people side of a company’'s workforce strategy. Impact serves clients across a wide variety of industries by providing them with professional employer services, payroll and tax administration, HR consulting, leadership training and development, and contingent workforce strategies.

ProSourceSolutions Inc.

(713) 681-3877
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2003

Tryfacta, Inc.

(408) 893-5500

NAPEO Member Since Apr 2024

Certified PEO, Inc

(832) 279-5834
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2021

Payrolling Partners, Inc.

(973) 458-0411
NAPEO Member Since Nov 1993


GET OUT OF THE WEEDS!! FOCUS ON GROWING YOUR BUSINESS - NOT PAPERWORK!! Payrolling Partners, Inc. (PPI) takes on a multitude of back office responsibilities (um, headaches) so you can direct your energy toward building and growing your enterprise and your bottom line. Since 1988, we have provided exceptional administrative and HR support for small and not-so-small businesses in 20 states from Florida to Maine.

Current HR
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2020

RealTime PEO, LLC

(407) 645-1003
NAPEO Member Since May 2014


RealTime PEO provides comprehensive human resource and compliance assistance to small and large companies. RealTime PEO gives clients a high-touch, proactive service-dedicated experience where they can focus on their company while we take care of employment-related details and help them stay compliant. RealTime PEO has an executive team with 50+ years of combined experience in the PEO / Outsourcing industry with backgrounds including Operations, Risk Management, Sales, Marketing, Benefits, Insurance Products, Claims Management, and Payroll.

CoStaff Services, LLC

(248) 671-1400
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2004


(469) 638-8010
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2023

Employ-Ease, Inc.

(585) 242-9513
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2019


Since 2001 Employ-Ease has been delivering clients exceptional service in person. Providing the simplest, yet most comprehensive way to handle payroll, workers' comp, unemployment, disability and benefit programs.


(248) 504-6539
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2000


AccessPoint is a full-service Human Resources organization, headquartered in Michigan, with physical offices in Washington D.C. and Southwest Florida. Since 2000 we have provided a suite of services tailored to your individual and organizational needs. Our focus is to handle everything needed to allow you to focus on growing your organization.

EmPro Employer Solutions, a LLC

(208) 743-1571
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2020

Avalon HR LLC

(850) 475-1555
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2008


Avalon HR is a human resources outsourcing company. We solve issues in HR for companies with 5 to 5,000 employees. Our goals are to increase your profitability, maximize your employee productivity, mitigate your employment related liabilities, help attract and retain top talent, and maximize your employee productivity. We work with businesses like yours to solve problems in five areas: 1) human resources, 2) workers’ compensation, 3) risk management, 4) employee benefits and 5) payroll.

Maxx Outsourcing Inc.

(706) 529-8891

NAPEO Member Since Jul 2022

NAPEO Member Since Jan 2023


HRDelivered is your strategic partner in navigating the complex world of HR and employment administration.

PRO Systems/PRO Resources

(218) 847-9277
NAPEO Member Since Oct 1997

ESG Personnel Leasing Inc.

(714) 582-3572
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2012

WHR Associates

(714) 796-9110

NAPEO Member Since Apr 2023

Back Office Risk

(956) 658-7378
NAPEO Member Since May 2023

Professional Employer Resources, Inc.

(407) 599-4990
NAPEO Member Since May 2007


Professional Employer Resources, Inc. has been providing payroll, workers compensation, benefits and HR services to clients of various industries since 1997. The advantages of partnering with PER is that clients may increase profitability, maximize employee productivity, reduce time spent on transactional HR, reduce liability and ultimately lower labor costs. Our goal is to assist with services that consume valuable time that clients can use to grow their business. Are you ready for growth? Please visit our website or call us.

RMPersonnel, Inc.

(915) 565-7674
NAPEO Member Since Dec 1995


Established in 1990, RMPersonnel is one of the largest owned staffing agencies in the Southwest Region. Our full service company not only provides PEO services but Temporary Staffing and Executive Recruiting as well. We are a licensed PEO in 2 states (TX, NM). We are woman-owned, minority-owned and HUB certified. Let us assist you in HR Guidance, Payroll, Benefits Administration, Claims Management and Workers' Compensation so you can FOCUS on growing your core business.

Midwest Management Group, LLC

(248) 313-2000
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2023

Time HR Payroll Solutions, Inc.

(941) 637-1106
NAPEO Member Since Dec 2016

Advanced PEO Solutions, LLC

(863) 256-6670
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2012


Florida Based PEO specializing in hospitality and hard to place risks. Full Service PEO offering benefits, 401k, HR services, and personalized service. Advanced PEO can place almost any risk through its workers compensation providers in our core states.

Kruse PEO, Inc.

(918) 251-5982
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2012


Kruse PEO is a TOTAL HUMAN RESOURCE SOLUTION! By outsourcing tedious back office tasks, ""you can do what you do best and let us do the rest!"" So why Kruse? SERVICE! You will NEVER be a number! Family owned and operated, our strength is our ability to be flexible for you. We offer what most PEO's DON'T, the ability to write staffing companies under our PEO. Kruse offers Employer of Record to Staffing Firms, Start Up Operations, and "unique" operations unable to fit under a traditional PEO model.

Employers One Source Group

(281) 492-9292
NAPEO Member Since May 2008


Our focus is to establish strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. We build trust with our clients so they know that when they call us, they will have someone looking out for their best interests.

Workforce Business Services

(941) 746-6567
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2014


WBS specializes in integrated workers’ compensation and payroll services for construction trades and other higher risk industries allowing you to maintain control of strategic aspects of your business and your people. You can’t do it all, so focus on doing what you love. WBS is your hard market solution.


NAPEO Member Since Feb 2023

Human Resources Inc.

(443) 321-7712
NAPEO Member Since Oct 1998


Payroll Tax Filing Pay Cards Unemployment Taxes Health Insurance COBRA Section 125 plans Dependent Care Flexible Spending Transit Parking 401K Plan Admin WORKERS COMP INSURANCE Risk Management Workers Comp Claims Management LIFE INSURANCE STD LTD HRIS Technology HRIS APP FEDERAL LABOR LAW COMPLIANCE ERISA ACA ADA FMLA FLSA EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE Multi State Tax Compliance Employee Handbooks JOB DESCRIPTIONS PET INSURANCE These are the foundational building blocks for a successful business. Human Resources Inc does it all!

PEOple Premier, Inc.

(727) 498-1046
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2013


Payroll and Taxes, Human Resources, Labor Law Issues, Workers' Compensation/Risk Management, Employee Benefits, etc.

People Management Inc.

(908) 222-0500
NAPEO Member Since Jul 1997


PMI partners with small to mid size businesses in the Tri-State area to provide human resource support (all aspects) while offering employees fortune 500 benefits.


(702) 215-5880
NAPEO Member Since Dec 1996


With over 25 years of experience servicing small and mid-sized business by providing large scale HR, Master Medical and Retirement Savings plans, Worker's Compensation, Risk Management/Compliance and payroll administration. Our team of experts support a wide range of companies in multiple industries, from restaurants, bars, banks to construction, HOA, medical, legal, gaming and others. We currently offer services in 36 states in the US. Our corporate offices are located in Nevada.

Charter HR, Inc.

(256) 234-6234
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2021


(270) 825-5060
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2017


PERMCO is dedicated to helping small businesses concentrate on the core of their business, to allow growth, and support in all HR functions, Payroll functions, and Benefit functions. We provide cost-effective, quality solutions to our clients.

LBMC Employment Partners, LLC

(615) 309-2401
NAPEO Member Since Jun 1999

Insperity, Inc.

(281) 358-8986
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1988


Since 1986, Insperity’s mission has been to help businesses succeed so communities prosper. Offering scalable HR solutions, Insperity is defined by an unrivaled breadth and depth of services and level of care. Through an optimal blend of premium HR service and technology, Insperity delivers administrative relief, reduced liabilities and better benefit solutions businesses need for sustained growth. With revenues of $5.9 billion and more than 90 locations throughout the U.S., Insperity is making a difference in businesses and communities nationwide.

TNT Management Resources, Inc.

(503) 463-0134
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2022


(586) 461-1400
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2021


EverythingHR is a certified minority woman-owned company that do one thing - HR. We are human capital experts. We are problem-solvers. We make things simpler. Through strategic human resource initiatives, we help businesses go to the next level using our PEO, ASO, or HRO model. EverythingHR also has a proprietary school, that partner with colleges and universities to provide apprenticeships and over 300 professional development programs and certifications. Contact us today to discuss which solution is best for your organization.

Matrix One Source

(904) 739-2722
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2021

Ingram & Co., Inc.

(480) 967-6466
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2002


(727) 556-2812
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2006


Through our dedicated service model, Paychex PEO helps you take on the major aspects and challenges of payroll and human resources. With your assigned HR professionals and continuously evolving technology, we assist you with human resource management, benefits administration, insurance plans, time and attendance, benefit accounts, State unemployment insurance administration, 401(k) retirement plans, payroll administration, and employee learning. Paychex PEO helps you focus on what matters most.
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2022


Construction-Specific Payroll Powered By PEO Services. At My Construction Payroll we assume all your payroll obligations for you. From prevailing wage calculations, certified payroll, union fringe benefit tracking & reporting, workers compensation management; no spreadsheets, no software programs to navigate through. With our hands-on services you only need to submit employee hours and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Pinnacle Employee Services

(315) 295-3880
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2015


(314) 222-5770
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2014

Cardinal Services, Inc.

(541) 888-9799
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2019

Prosperity PEO LLC

(941) 727-5522
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2014

Integrated Employer Solutions, Inc.

(801) 487-3000
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2006


(708) 492-0519
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2004


• We serve healthcare entities and employees delivering HR, accounting and credentialing solutions applying best practices and best software; we engage our customers through a retainer-fee pricing model; and we share employer-related risks as a professional employer.

People Lease, Inc.

(601) 987-3025
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1991


35 Years of unparalleled service!

HR & P Solutions, Inc.

(281) 880-6525
NAPEO Member Since May 2002


Payroll, PEO, ASO, HRO, Benefits, Heath Care Reform

Worklogic HR

(661) 695-5149
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2009


Located in Central California, WorklogicHR serves the human resource management needs of companies across the nation—simplifying HR management for clients, reducing the cost and pain associated with the task and freeing management to focus on what they do best: taking the company forward, faster. From its humble beginnings, the company has grown to a staff of dozens with thousands of co-employees, and was recognized by Inc Magazine as one of the nation’s fastest growing, privately held companies.

ESC Business Solutions

(716) 691-4455
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2001


ESC is a full service HR Outsourcing firm, integrating HR, payroll, benefits procurement & administration, and HR technology into one seamless platform. ESC Business Solution’s client base of small to medium-sized businesses experience savings and efficiencies. The services are delivered by an expert team that provides world-class service, all under one roof.


(361) 852-6392
NAPEO Member Since Oct 1999


Let’s face it, the administrative load on a business leader can be crushing. HR. Payroll. Safety. Benefits. The burden can oftentimes become very heavy to bear alone. The good news is that you don’t have to. A partnership with UniqueHR helps you better manage your most important asset – your people – so that you can get your business back to thriving and not simply surviving.


NAPEO Member Since May 1997


Founded in 1997, ExtensisHR is a leading national Certified Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and HR Outsourcing (HRO) solution provider, focused on delivering exceptional customer service. We specialize in tailored HR solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, with a comprehensive portfolio including human resources support, employee benefits and retirement plans, payroll, Work Anywhere® technology, recruiting, risk and compliance, employee management, and more.


(317) 377-3100
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2020

Teamwork Human Resources, Inc.

(530) 223-4674
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2003


Payroll, Workers' Compensation, Benefits Administration, Human Resource Administration

Capital Business Solutions, LLC

(804) 239-0313

NAPEO Member Since Oct 2017

Innoworks Employment Services Inc.

(610) 377-3807
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2020


Innoworks Employment Services provides cost-effective employer solutions that allow you to stay in control of what’s important – growing your business. Only get the services you need. We’ll guide you through well-rounded PEO solutions that fit your needs at a competitive price.Save time and money with comprehensive HR Solutions that lower your burden, increase productivity, and reduce costly errors. Contact us today to find out more (570) 356-4209.

The Employer Group

(608) 845-3377
NAPEO Member Since Sep 1995


The Employer Group is a Wisconsin-based professional employer organization and is the largest privately-owned PEO in Wisconsin. TEG works with businesses of all sizes – from small to large organizations. It also serves a variety of non-profit organizations that cannot afford to manage their own HR, payroll and benefits administration. TEG provides customized PEO services and works with all industries in over half of the United States. You can find out more at

Sequoia One PEO, LLC

(415) 366-4000
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2023

Syndeo Outsourcing LLC

(316) 630-9107
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2002


Syndeo puts great ideas to work for clients in human resources consulting and outsourcing, employee benefits administration, payroll services, workers’ compensation and staffing. Syndeo forms strong relationships through a commitment to client understanding and a high level of service tailored to meet their needs. By partnering with Syndeo, clients have access to a highly qualified team whose members work together to solve problems. Our expertise and technology/automation offerings simplify client integration.

Surge Resources, Inc.

(603) 623-0007
NAPEO Member Since May 2008

Thrive PEO

(918) 794-2200
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2020


Thrive is your go-to for fully-outsourced HR, payroll, and benefits expertly tailored for local companies with an eye on growth. With Thrive, you get a rich benefits package rarely attainable by small companies, modern technology to help you strategically administer your programs, and a dedicated team so you can redirect resources to what matters most.


(315) 679-4004
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

Quickpay Payroll

(305) 661-3462
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2022

WorkSmart Systems, Inc.

(317) 585-7870
NAPEO Member Since Apr 1998


WorkSmart Systems is an Indianapolis-based PEO serving 450 clients with over 12,000 employees. Founded in 1998, the company is locally owned and managed. While our clients are headquartered in the Midwest, their operations and employees span 47 states. Our cloud-based Human Capital Management System is the best in the business and allows employers and employees unprecedented automation and self-service, which allows them to take better care of their employees, stabilize employee-related costs, and focus on their core business.

Paycorp HR

(904) 206-7105
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2024


Our PEO solutions are developed in collaboration with businesses like yours, based on practical experience. Simplify payroll, taxes, HR, and more. Paycorp HR concentrates on working with clients in the contracting and restaurant industries.

Employer Flexible
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2006


Employer Flexible was founded on the idea that a PEO should do more than simply lessen the burden of HR. Over the years, we’ve worked with organizations of every size to increase business insight, remove doubt and align your workforce with your company vision. When you spend less energy on day-to-day, operational tasks, you can begin to make an impact on what really matters.

Regis HR Group

(786) 272-5305
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2009


Each client is different. We understand this. At Regis, we recognize that each business we serve is as individual as the people it employs and that not every business needs or wants the full range of services. So we offer the most modular, flexible solutions in the industry, customized to fit your business goals. We specialize in the following industries: - Medical Centers & Medical Practices - Pharmacy - Legal, Accounting, Financial - Restaurant/Hotel

Vested HR Solutions, LLC

(727) 474-2114
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2019

Lyons HR

(256) 767-5900
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2005

Full Life Staffing

NAPEO Member Since Nov 2023

OneSource Employee Management

(513) 234-0801
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

Quadrant PHR

(888) 614-6781
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2012


Quadrant is your preferred partner to navigate the choppy waters of employment labor laws. Our core services include: payroll technology platform, workers compensation solutions, human resources, and a full suite of employee benefits. Our personalized customer service will reduce risk, reduce your workload and reduce company costs.

Resourcing Edge, Inc.

(214) 771-4411
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2012

Preference Employment Solutions

(701) 293-6905
NAPEO Member Since Dec 2020


Local to Fargo-Moorhead region 100% employee-owned company PEO HRO/ASO Recruiting and Staffing Agency Professional Search Firm Drug Screening

Delta Administrative Services

(504) 274-3400
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2000


Delta Administrative Services is a full service PEO and prides itself on our Hands On approach to customer service. Our Mission is: We are the Human Resource Dept.for our clients.

VertiSource HR

(801) 566-3084
NAPEO Member Since Dec 2013

Lightsource HR

(877) 257-6662
NAPEO Member Since May 2014

Legacy Employer Solutions

(210) 479-9400
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

Innerstaff, LLC

(936) 520-3799
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2018


A Professional Employer Organization (PEO), a Co-Employer that removes a lot of the employee related liabilities, headaches, and costs, while assisting the client to improve their relationships with their employees.

Samuel Hale

(916) 542-5239
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2022


Samuel Hale eliminates fraud and unnecessary litigation from California workers compensation and other employment related claims. We can give you a guaranteed cost on your workers compensation for up to three years.

Engage PEO

(888) 780-8807
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2011


Engage PEO – one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. - delivers comprehensive HR solutions to small and mid-sized businesses. Our superior service offering includes a full range of ACA-compliant health and worker’s compensation insurance products, benefits administration, payroll technology and tax administration, risk management services and advanced technology. Comprised of veteran PEO executives, certified HR professionals and attorneys, Engage provides hands-on, expert HR services and counsel to help clients minimize cost and maximize efficiency.


(801) 443-1090
NAPEO Member Since Jul 1990


We understand that small business owners are inherently disadvantaged when it comes to time, talent, money and other resources. Our mission is to level the playing field for our clients. They hold truly incredible power, and our sole purpose is to help them unleash it. We improve the ability for small businesses to compete on a big business scale by reducing the time, money and energy spent on benefits, payroll, human resources and risk management.

Stitch PEO

(303) 884-2995

NAPEO Member Since Mar 2023

Alcott HR

(631) 420-0100
NAPEO Member Since Jan 1988


If you are searching for a strategic HR partner that takes a personalized and flexible approach to help you focus on growing your business, save you time and money and provide your team with the best array of benefits, then Alcott HR is for you! Since 1987, we have been serving organizations by allowing them to focus on their core-revenue generating goals by providing an easy to use, one-stop-shop solution for HR, payroll, benefits and risk management.

Simploy, Inc.

(314) 375-0030
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2013


Simploy integrates payroll, benefits, workers comp, HR, compliance. Imagine getting all that, along with a team of folks all trying to improve your business every day. Then imagine that costs less than what you’re already spending. Well that’s my guarantee. I know it works, because our partners grow faster, with less turnover, and they make more money than their competitors. Why wouldn’t they? And I can prove that. Call me to see if we're a fit for each other.


(516) 692-8505
NAPEO Member Since Sep 1998


PrestigePEO supports SMBs with top-tier HR services and solutions. The company and its entities, StaffLink Outsourcing LLC. and Advantage Personnel Resources, are recognized as leaders in the industry. Their success is based on valued relationships and personalized HR services. Each company provides competitive employee benefits offerings, transparent pricing, and boutique-style client service. PrestigePEO and its family of brands stand by small businesses with complete confidence in their potential.


(917) 512-5811
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2022


We are a risk management company at heart. Clients join SimplyPEO to access our professionally managed pool of risks covering People Risk, Workplace Risk, and Healthcare Risk. We accomplish this by utilizing unique technology, unique employee benefit products, a unique “Client First” service model, and access to best-in-class HR partners.


(503) 612-1555
NAPEO Member Since May 2000


Xenium is an HR & Employer Services company in Tualatin, Oregon. Our team of HR, payroll, and benefits professionals support small- and medium-sized companies that have limited or no internal HR resources, as well as companies with internal HR staff who can benefit from support and training. We believe that every business leader should have the opportunity to focus on serving their clients and growing their business, leaving the administrative duties of being an employer to us.

NAPEO Member Since Apr 2023

Niural Inc

NAPEO Member Since May 2024

Marvel HR

(865) 281-1789
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2020

Garyjames Inc

(561) 529-4503

NAPEO Member Since Sep 2023


(888) 818-0707
NAPEO Member Since May 1996


At EmPower HR our vision is to have amazing community impact through unmatched delivery of human capital solutions. Our mission is to develop employees, drive company success and enrich the communities in which we do business. We believe in the power of high value personal interactions. These unique features set us apart: Relentlessly accountable to delivering value, Dedicated Service Team, Employee First culture. Contact us at: (888) 818-0707 or (866) 379-8560.

Infiniti Resource Management of South Florida

(813) 664-1664
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2011

ESI (eEmployers Solutions, Inc.)

(210) 495-1171
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2016


By partnering with eESI a business centralizes the multiple HR and Administrative liabilities under ONE team of professionals along with offering the latest in HRIS technologies. This allows the business to reallocate important productive time, in turn, delivering more profitable opportunities that will ultimately grow revenue streams and lower employment cost. Human Capital Management (HCM) Simplified.

Human Capital LLC

(248) 237-3989
NAPEO Member Since Sep 1997


Human Capital provides the finest in professional administration services with a focus on regulatory compliance. Each Human Capital client enjoys a customized program in payroll processing, human resources, employee benefits and workers compensation, along with consulting in healthcare strategies and risk management. We relieve the burden of regulatory issues associated with the Affordable Care Act, Department of Labor, IRS, Health & Human Services and Homeland Security.


(727) 572-7331
NAPEO Member Since Jul 1997


Since 1996, DecisionHR has empowered our clients with industry-leading human resource solutions they need to drive their business. We assist our clients in the areas of payroll, workers’ compensation, human resources, and benefits. We remove the administrative burden of running their business and allow our clients to focus on their revenue-producing activities. Our goal is to deliver customizable, practical workforce solutions that increase profits, reduce costs and liability, and attract, develop, and retain long-term employees.

simplicityHR by ALTRES

(808) 591-4900
NAPEO Member Since May 1996


The human resources ""back office"" for more than 2,500 local businesses statewide, simplicityHR by ALTRES is the state's most trusted provider of payroll processing, HR administration, workers' compensation coverage and claims management, health care plans and employee benefits packages, as well as training for managers and staff. Founded in Honolulu in 1969 and a pioneer in the state's PEO industry, simplicityHR by ALTRES remains the leader in HR outsourcingand staffing services today.

Visionary Payroll Solutions, LLC
NAPEO Member Since Jan 2024

National PEO, LLC

(480) 429-8098
NAPEO Member Since Jun 2010

Abel HR, Inc.

(609) 860-0400
NAPEO Member Since Nov 1992

The Applied Companies LLC

(775) 398-5135
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2003


The Applied Companies HR / Benefits division offers a comprehensive approach to helping businesses manage human resource responsibilities by transferring those cumbersome and time-consuming HR tasks to a professional team of HR, payroll and benefit specialists dedicated to providing guidance and recommendations for specific needs.


(513) 605-3522
NAPEO Member Since May 2023


(540) 860-5387
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2019


LaunchPointPEO (LaunchPoint) helps companies by handling the Human Resources (HR) burden and providing lower cost benefits to employees and companies. LaunchPoint will provide a cost-effective benefit package for our clients, improve their HR processes, assist with attracting and retaining quality employees, managing and controlling the cost of employee benefits, processing payroll, keeping up with changes to Federal and State employment laws, managing liability and risk and handling all general HR administration.

Galactic, Inc.

(205) 322-2220
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2019

Paramount PEO Solutions

NAPEO Member Since Jul 2022


(888) 944-2667
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2018

OneSource PEO Inc.

(678) 990-8630
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2020


Since 1997, OneSource PEO has specialized in Employee Benefits Pooling while offering state of the art HCM technology, payroll processing, workers’ compensation, HR services, and ultra responsive customer service.

Servant HR, Inc.

(317) 585-1688
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2007

Bearing Tree, Incorporated

(312) 980-1197
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022

PRemployer, Inc.

(334) 712-9939
NAPEO Member Since Aug 1998


PEO focused on helping Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and NW Florida, based employers.


(813) 258-0293
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2022


(813) 810-4363
NAPEO Member Since Feb 2013


(727) 799-1229
NAPEO Member Since Nov 1991


FrankCrum contributes to your company’s success by minimizing the amount of time and money needed to manage services related to your employees. And as an added benefit, we help make you a great employer. Our personal touch has been one of the hallmarks of FrankCrum during 40 years of serving employers across the nation.

Complete Staffing LLC

(337) 494-1295
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2019

CSL Solutions

(916) 961-1166
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2016


We personally know each and every one of our clients. We build relationships with business owners, employers and managers to understand how they want things done. Then, we implement our turn-key customized payroll and HR Services that reflect our clients wants and needs, keeping them safe from liability and in compliance with California labor laws. Essentially, CSL exists to make life easier for employers throughout California. Specifically, small employers with 25 or less employees.

Ahead Human Resources

(502) 485-1000
NAPEO Member Since Feb 1996


AHEAD is a Staffing and Professional Employer Organization (PEO). We deliver HR and Staffing services with a commitment to 100% client/employee satisfaction. Co-founded by William Bellis and wife, Andrea in 1995, Ahead's mission is to ""find good jobs for good people"" with our Staffing services, and to level the playing field for the small to medium sized business-owner with our HR outsourcing services. • Payroll • Benefits • Workers' Comp • State Unemployment • Employee Manuals • Staffing Services • and more

FullStack PEO

(317) 439-7907
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2017


FullStack is located in Indianapolis, Indiana, with a focus on midwest emerging companies, in the technology, professional services, and non-profit sectors. We allow you to focus on your core business by handling the outsourced administrative functions associated with HR, payroll, and benefits. As a former start-up ourselves, we understand your challenges because we've been there. Contact us today!

Certipay PEO Solutions, Inc

(888) 655-8686
NAPEO Member Since May 2023

Nextep, Inc.

(405) 292-1428
NAPEO Member Since Jul 1998


What we do at Nextep is make life easier. Let’s face it; running a business is tough. From payroll, to finding affordable benefits, to managing injuries and employees, there are many tasks in everyday employment that can take a business owner away from the reason he or she started the business to begin with. Nextep makes life easier. With us, business owners and employees can get back to doing what they love and leave the tough stuff to us.

Employee Management Services

(513) 852-4664
NAPEO Member Since Mar 1994


(830) 980-1220
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2010


Headquartered in San Antonio, SWBC PEO is proud to call Texas home! Our Clients receive: excellent customer service from a team that knows Texas; dedicated payroll and HR representatives; Workers’ Comp coverage written by Texas Mutual – the largest comp carrier in Texas; competitive medical benefits; and access to our cutting edge HR and payroll platforms. SWBC PEO offers the professional staff, technology, and insurance benefits you need to attract and retain a top-notch workforce in Texas!

Ampian HR Outsourcing

(801) 253-6126
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2012

PayMetrix HR

(678) 580-6500
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2022

EZEmploy LLC

(480) 787-8373

NAPEO Member Since Sep 2023

PassioHR, Inc.

(720) 446-5015
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2010


At PassioHR we understand that as a growing business you are always searching for ways to increase efficiency, reduce your costs, comply with employment regulations, and lower risks while focusing on the core of your business. We are a Colorado based company that can partner with you to achieve this goal. We understand the demands on businesses today and we provide guidance in managing complex human capital matters so you can spend more time focusing on your business.

Sheakley HR LLC

(513) 618-1100
NAPEO Member Since Apr 2007


As businesses grow, they often find themselves involved in the “business of employment” rather than the “business of their business.” When you partner with Sheakley HR, you can be assured that we’ll help you find the perfect blend of HR services, whether you need a comprehensive program or just a little support. Our certified experts and technology let you focus on growing your business. From hiring to retiring, we make the ever-changing landscape of human resources simple.


NAPEO Member Since Jul 2024


(863) 688-1751
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2012


(360) 828-0700
NAPEO Member Since Mar 2020


Every business owner is on a journey. Our work with entrepreneurs—and our own evolution as an organization—have shown us what it takes to be successful in an ever-changing landscape. We’ll shine a light on the road ahead and help you discover what’s possible for you and your business.

Rippling PEO

(415) 737-5780
NAPEO Member Since May 2019


Rippling PEO is the first modern PEO that can help automate all your HR and IT — from your company’s payroll and benefits, to your employees' devices and apps — all in one place.

Acadia HR

(845) 876-1987
NAPEO Member Since Oct 2000

LL Roberts Group

(214) 221-6463
NAPEO Member Since May 2023


The LL Roberts Group (LLRG) is a PEO Brokerage representing several of the Nation's finest PEO Service Providers. LLRG's staff of trained professionals utilizes more than 170 years of cumulative PEO Industry experience in order to provide the best fit for small to mid-sized companies interested in outsourcing nonrevenue generating employee administration functions in the areas of HR, Workers' Comp, Benefits, and Payroll. LLRG is the Ultimate Solution for Business Headaches!

3J & Associates LLC

2395743100 x 202
NAPEO Member Since Aug 2016

Justworks, Inc.

(844) 749-7785
NAPEO Member Since Sep 2012


Justworks takes the busyness out of running a business. Founded in 2012, Justworks helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow with confidence by giving them access to big-company benefits, automated payroll, HR tools, and compliance support — all in one place. Justworks does this by combining the power of a certified PEO with expert 24/7 customer service and a simple and friendly platform. With Justworks, teams of all sizes can work fearlessly, pursue their passion, and do more of what matters.

In-Flight Crew Connections

NAPEO Member Since Sep 2022

HR Solutions

(225) 769-0669
NAPEO Member Since Jul 2021

Clear Employer Services

(800) 450-6105
NAPEO Member Since Nov 2015


CLEAR is your HR solution servicing Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York with exclusive partnerships with Independence Blue Cross and AmeriHealth. Outsource HR to the experts at CLEAR to maximize your talent, grow and protect your business, save time and money, and simplify employee administration.




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