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Involvement with Other Policy Organizations

Involvement with Other Policy Organizations

National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)

Since 1975, NCSL has been the champion of state legislatures. We’ve helped states remain strong and independent by giving them the tools, information and resources to craft the best solutions to difficult problems. We’ve fought against unwarranted actions in Congress and saved states more than $1 billion. We’ve conducted workshops to sharpen the skills of lawmakers and legislative staff in every state. And we do it every day.

NAPEO regularly attends NCSL meetings to engage with public policymakers and to educate them on the PEO industry.


National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC)

The mission of the NAIC is to assist state insurance regulators, individually and collectively, in serving the public interest and achieving the following fundamental insurance regulatory goals in a responsive, efficient and cost effective manner, consistent with the wishes of its members.

NAPEO has been an active participant in NAIC meetings and works with regulators nationwide to stay abreast of developments that affect PEOs.

NAIC PEO Resources

The NAIC PEO Guidelines

In 2008, the NAIC adopted model guidelines for the regulation of workers' compensation in PEO arrangements, which are the recommended basis for insurance regulations concerning workers' compensation in PEO arrangements.The guidelines mandate the use of multiple coordinated policies for PEOs in the residual market and  contemplate three types of coverage in the voluntary market — master policy, multiple coordinated policy, and client-based policy.They also address many issues that have arisen in PEO arrangements. 

Workers' Compensation Large Deductible Study

The NAIC and the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards & Commissions (IAIABC) are currently reviewing previous recommendations made in this study, produced by its Working Group. The current Working Group is expected to publish a new study in late 2015.

The ERISA Guide

The Working Group of the NAIC produced an ERISA Guide for state insurance regulators. Initial drafts indiscriminately identified PEOs as "illegal operations" and challenged their employer status. However, efforts by NAPEO narrowed the focus of the section of the guide concerning PEOs to state regulation of MEWAs - in particular, self-insured programs that are operating in violation of state law.


National Association of State Workforce Agencies (NASWA) — State UI Directors

NASWA is an organization of state administrators of unemployment insurance laws, employment services, training programs, employment statistics and labor market information and other programs and services provided through publicly-funded state workforce systems. NAPEO has been active in NASWA for many years. Through its efforts, NAPEO has been able to address favorably an array of unemployment insurance issues that impact PEOs. Perhaps more importantly, NAPEO has been able to dispel incorrect notions about the impact of PEOs on state UI systems and educate UI regulators about the benefits PEOs have to state trust funds. 

The National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL)

NCOIL is the voice of state legislators in Washington in the face of mounting federal initiatives to preempt state insurance regulation. The purpose of NCOIL is to help legislators make informed decisions on insurance issues that affect their constituents and to declare opposition to federal encroachment of state authority to oversee the business of insurance, as authorized under the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945.

NAPEO works with NCOIL to educate public policymakers on the unique position of PEOs as consumers of insurance products. NCOIL’s Workers’ Compensation Committee adopted its PEO Model Act in 2007. Pursuant to NCOIL’s rules on its Model Acts, the Committee is currently reviewing possible amendments to the Act. NAPEO continues to work with NCOIL to ensure future model laws adopted by NCOIL are favorable to PEOs.


International Association of Industrial Accident Boards & Commissions (IAIABC)

IAIABC is a not-for-profit trade association representing government agencies charged with the administration of workers' compensation systems throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations and territories. The mission of the IAIABC is to advance the efficiency and effectiveness of workers' compensation systems throughout the world.

NAPEO is a member of IAIABC, and has participated in committee work related to compliance, self-insurance, and the electronic data interface (EDI) system. The EDI system developed by the IAIABC provides a foundation for much of the proof of coverage and data collection procedures of the states.

Over the past few years, NAPEO has met with both carriers and the state workers' compensation administrators to help them better understand the issues related to PEO reporting and to assure NAPEO a place at the table as these matters are resolved. NAPEO has directly participated in conference programming specific to PEOs where industry representatives had the opportunity to discuss proof of coverage, experience rating, issues related to large deductible policies, and the positive impact of PEO risk management activities.

Southern Association for Workers’ Compensation Administrators (SAWCA)

SAWCA’s mission is to make available and present instruction by means of forums, lectures, meetings, and written material regarding the administration of workmen's laws and to provide an avenue by which those interested in workers' compensation may interact with one another to share information and address issues common to the jurisdictions that are members of the association.

Over the past several years, NAPEO has participated in SAWCA in order to educate attendees to help them better understand issues related to the PEO industry.

UWC- Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers’ Compensation

Established in 1933, UWC - Strategic Services on Unemployment & Workers' Compensation (UWC) is the only broad-based, country-wide association exclusively devoted to representing the interests of the business community on national unemployment insurance (UI) and workers' compensation (WC) public policy issues.

NAPEO regularly attends UWC’s annual conference to learn the latest on nationwide unemployment insurance issues.