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Event Overview

First Friday Series: How can EOR fit in your PEO’s value creation strategy?, Presented by Globalization Partners - 6/2/2023

Jun 02, 2023
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM EST/EDT

By 2030, the demand for skilled talent will be greater than the supply, resulting in a global talent shortage of 85 million workers, according to Korn Ferry’s. The study, “Future of Work: The Global Talent Crunch” examined supple and demand across the world in three broad industries: finance and business services, technology and manufacturing. This talent shortage may lead your clients to expand their search for talent, this is where EOR can fit into your PEO value creation strategy. 

As clients come to you with questions about expanding their global workforce, they’ll face complexities as well as opportunity. From ever-changing rules and regulations to payroll policies and local labor laws, effectively managing the nuances of international employment is more complex than ever. That’s where G-P comes in, your partner in enabling the everywhere workforce for your clients.